Rules and regulations

  1. Punctual and regular attendance at school is compulsory.
  2. No student should abstain from classes without proper leave application.
  3. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of the books and belongings.
  4. Any damage done to the school property or that of other students will have to be made good.
  5. Every pupil must bring the school dairy to the school daily.
  6. Home assignments should be submitted regularly.
  7. Gold ornaments should not be worn.
  8. Students should talk to each other and to the teachers only in English.
  9. All students are expected to wear school uniform except on birthdays and on special days.
  10. On rainy days students are permitted to wear sandals.
  11. Every child should opt for extracurricular activities . The school offers activities like: Karate, Roller Skating, Dance, Organ, Guitar and Abacus learning.
  12. Yoga, Music,Art and craft are included in the curriculum.
  13. Grievance box is kept for collecting the grievances of students and parents.